Rodents Don't Belong in Your Home

Rely on us for rodent control services in Rochester, Stewartville, MN & surrounding areas

Rats, mice and voles are sneaky creatures that can be hard to spot and even harder to catch. That's where Bob The Bug Man comes in. We offer comprehensive rodent control services in and around Rochester, MN. We'll set bait traps to remove anything already in your home and seal off access areas to prevent new rodents from getting in.

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Signs you have a rodent problem

Because mice tend to hide in your walls or attics, you may not know they're there until it's too late. You should routinely check for common signs of rodent infestations in your home and call a rodent exterminator right away when you notice:

Holes/gaps along your baseboards or flooring.

Rodent droppings in cabinets or under furniture.

Scratching or scampering noises in your walls.

We'll inspect your property and take care of any rodents we come across. Contact us in Rochester, Stewartville, MN & surrounding areas today for professional rodent control services.